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Newly, angstily graduated from college. One day I will look back at this blog and edit out all the embarrassing parts.

There will be on-point reblogs relating to identity and gender politics. Other frequent topics include but are not limited to: reproductive rights, movies, awards for movies, seasonal distractions like elections or figure skating, rad gifs, and messages and implications of really important literature like HP and ASOIAF.
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Got into an argument with an old middle school peer who idolizes Bill O’Reilly (wtf, for real, I know). I said that Bill O’Reilly doesn’t even know that ocean waves are caused by the moon, and he said, “so what? That doesn’t have anything to do with his political opinions” or of the like. 

OH. In that moment, I wanted so, so badly to just verbally abuse him with a string of insults like “asshat”, “moron”, “wouldn’t recognize logic if it punched you in the face” and just call it a day. 

Politics are influenced by life. Science IS life. Therefore, science influences every single itty-bitty part of our political system, down to the tiniest minute detail. You are CRAZY if you think that science can ever be separated from politics. They are inextricable, more so than anything else on this planet. 

So when a person doesn’t know basic fifth grade science, then that person isn’t qualified to give their opinion on life. That includes the political process. So, to all “political people”, please take a biology or environmental science class. Take a sociology class. Take a European history class. Take a Greek philosophy class and actually understand the philosophy of a democracy instead of tossing the word about meaninglessly. Knowledge is not an elitist flaw. 

Oh, and after I told him something similar of the sort, he blocked me from his Facebook wall.