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A senior at Barnard College in New York. One day I will look back at this blog and edit out all the embarrassing parts.

There will be on-point reblogs relating to identity and gender politics. Other frequent topics include but are not limited to: reproductive rights, movies, awards for movies, seasonal distractions like elections or figure skating, rad gifs, and messages and implications of really important literature like HP and ASOIAF.
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I’ve spent probably close to 70 hours in this smelly, neutrally-shaded library in the past week and as of now I feel a weird compelling desire to go sit in a J. Crew. Not even to buy stuff, since J. Crew is completely out of my price range nowadays. Literally just sit there. 



you should check out #AcademicAbleism on twitter, if you haven’t already. 

I’m interested in more discussions on how this impacts students in lower grade levels. How does the young black girl feel about herself when she encounters a teacher who isn’t skilled in properly accommodating her learning disability? How is her future trajectory affected - will she #elementaryableism prevent her from even having access to/experiencing #academicableism?

It’s 3 am and I’m kind of dizzy and nauseous but I had a few breakthroughs 36 hours before my final thesis deadline! Kind of good! Oh, me. 


this the rawest shit i ever seen in my life


this the rawest shit i ever seen in my life

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Thesis is due in three days but instead I wrote a list of all the people who need to email me back. 

Lol this girl in my grade got a fancy “spirit award” from CC for doing things like “sparking conversations about diversity.” Earlier this year, she penned an op-ed that criticized the CU Vagina Monologues for featuring a WOC-only cast this year. 



Oh god cartoons get me every time 

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Friend crush (n): When you enter a period of being somewhat obsessed with a person you feel close to, albeit in a totally platonic way (you might occasionally confuse it with romantic feelings if your sexual orientations/gender combos align), often taking place at the beginning of a friendship when you’re brand-new to each other’s awesomeness. Everything about them feels delightful. You wait longingly for their snapchat or a witty, warm text. You miss them if you don’t see them for more than 12 hours. 

Synonyms: Friendship honeymoon?

Lol @ people who think sex-positivity is about advocating for everyone to have as much casual sex as possible. Do you think being pro-choice is about how many abortions you can score, too? 

Some quality overheards today:

A dude outside Lerner on his phone: “Don’t worry, Dad, I’m like your mother!’ 

Girl and guy at Milano earnestly discussing Oberyn Martell’s bisexuality and Dornish values

A man to his dog outside of Carmen: “Well, wasn’t that a very, very, VERY big day!” 

I can’t wait for the day when I learn how to live so that my life isn’t in shambles 90% of the time. 

Horrifyingly, many girls said they believed that men cannot keep themselves from harassing or grabbing women, describing men as ‘unable to control their sexual desires.’ According to the report, ‘they perceived everyday harassment and abuse as normal male behavior, and as something to endure, ignore, or maneuver around.’

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4x02 The Lion and the Rose + the many expressions of King Stannis

Hai bb

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Barnard’s student elections fucking SUCK. I mean, everyone is probably thinking, “haha it’s just a college election they can’t do anything who cares, anyway?” But they can get stuff done. Across the street, Columbia’s student body government has been doing stuff like slowly but surely dismantling the school’s sexual adjudication policies and liberalizing its academic policies and pullings its communications system out of the dark age. The new Columbia College student VP of Policy’s past work is one of the reasons why actual NY politicians today are publicly criticizing sexual assault at Columbia.

Meanwhile, one of the Barnard candidates running for the university senator position (like she’ll be sitting in on meetings with the president of Columbia and faculty and etc.) says on her platform that she wants to help develop a university-wide survey. NEWFLASH IT ALREADY EXISTS LIKE DO YOU EVEN GO TO THIS SCHOOL?

Also, like 90% of candidates make vague references to sexual violence adjudication in lieu of having any, you know, real talking points or a comprehensive platform. I’ve only gone to about half of the anti-sexual violence coalition meetings this semester, but I sincerely doubt they’ve been within 50 feet of them any time.